Pre-order the 47moto® Mosquito today!

We are offering an opportunity to reserve a ‘First 100 Legacy 47moto® Mosquito’

Preorder one of the First Legacy Model American designed and hand built 47moto® Mosquito’s in 

Reckless Red™ or Nightfall Black™

(*plus set up and delivery)

 The 47moto® Mosquito is the only ergonomic and ride height adjustable, modular, safety caged, lattice framed, USB connected, 4 valve, water cooled, OHC, EFI equipped, balanced, 6 speed 250cc single with a full two year warranty!

A note from 47moto® president Mike Samarzja-

‘A sincere Thank You! is due to all our supporters and fans that joined us on this challenging and exciting journey to create a new American motorcycle company!’

Please take advantage of the opportunity to preorder the 47moto® Mosquito and become one of the first to own this new performance and feature packed American designed and built sport motorcycle.’

All ‘First 100 Legacy 47moto® Mosquito’ by MYK BYK LLC will be marked with special graphics denoting their ‘Legacy’ status as one of the first 47moto® motorcycles ever!

Simply use the PayPal button below to secure your Mosquito® with a fully refundable deposit of $100. This will hold your place in line and enable you to receive one of the First 100 Legacy 47moto® Mosquito motorcycles! All major Credit cards are accepted!

Or simply download our order form by clicking HERE and return it along with your personal or cashiers check for $100 payable to MYK BYK LLC at the following address:


First 100 Legacy 47moto® Mosquito®

PO Box 733

Mukwonago WI 53149

‘First 100 Legacy’ Motorcycles will be reserved on a first come, first serve, basis. All ‘Legacy’ preorders are completely refundable. When your 47moto® Mosquito is available we will ship your bike directly to you in its sealed crate completely assembled and ready to ride except for attaching the rear view mirrors and filling the battery with the supplied electrolyte.

Please email us with any questions and we will be glad to help and welcome you to the 47moto® family!!