Green Technology

Earth 031Quality components with a focus on Green!

  • The Mosquito® is created from a certified Super Low Emissions Vehicle and built in a Green factory.
  • The Mosquito® has a small carbon foot print both in materials used, in operation on the road, in fuel required and efficiency.
  • The Mosquito® is rated at over 90 mpg!
  • Using recyclable and biodegradable materials are important to 47moto and are always the first choice in manufacturing materials. This is important for environmental sustainability and our customers.
  • In overall environmental impact, high efficiency gas engine vehicles, like Mosquito®, are said to be even more green than electric bikes!
  • 47moto® will offer sales promotions through our dealers which provide customers Green Initiative Rewards for purchasing 47moto® products.
  • Intelligent EFI systems on 47moto motorcycles provide a reduction in pollution of 30%, while increasing efficiency 15%, power 8% and a 5% increase in speed! That’s engineering that provides owners valuable savings and FUN while helping them ride clean and green!